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Landscape Maintenance


A customized landscape maintenance program is essential to protect and preserve the beauty and value that a professional landscape adds to your home or building. D&J Landscape considers the big picture and offers a spectrum of services for lawn care, parking lot maintenance and snow removal. And, with our team of experienced landscape professionals, you’re sure to get a custom maintenance program that is economical, effective and long-lasting.


Lawn Care: The lawn is the focal point for most landscapes. From basic, routine care, such as mowing, trimming, fertilizing and weed control, to specialized services such as dethatching, aerating and soil testing, D&J Landscape has the skill and experience to coordinate and schedule these services to address the specific requirements of your lawn care needs. The goal is to keep your lawn strong, healthy and looking its best, with an array of services that we perform, throughout the year:


o Mowing

o Trimming

o Edging

o Overseeding

o Dethatching

o Aeration

o Fertilization

o Weed Control

o Disease Control

o Mulching

o Soil Testing

o Spring and Fall Cleanup


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